The company you can trust

The Trucky Transportation Company was created a couple of decades ago, founded by two best  friends and the transportation industry professionals Brent and Phil. The two grew up in the state of Michigan and each began a career in transportation that culminated with the founding of Aurora Express.

Reaching out to the world

Our transportation company’s crew members are all extremely well-trained and handy in handling the heavy hauling tasks. On par with our wide range of specialized trucking equipment, we can handle the most demanding heavy haul transportation requirements – safely and securely.

Reliable Transportation

Augustus Enterprise drivers are all equipped with a phone that has all the necessary apps to be tracked bat any broker regardless of any Platform. We’ll transport your goods anywhere you need, in time and on your budget. Our safety and punctually are second to none.


To provide the highest quality and be profitable in this transportation service, making sure we meet all our customer’s needs. Our aim also is to provide Assurance through technology to ensure safety and punctuality to each destination. We will continuously place emphasis on improving in all aspects of our business.


While most of logistics & transportation companies that we’ve encountered with tend to work with 1 type of shipping, we do all!

When a business needs to transport their goods from point A to point B, we take all the care about either transportation itself, the freight and manifest documentation and all other routine tasks!

Making transportation fast and safe

Since the day 1 of our founding (which happened back in 1977), we’ve always had the same set of principles that we’ve cherished throughout all of our logistics & transportation operations. That includes both our determination of being able to serve all clients across the globe, regardless of the location, just as well as our commitment to being able to offer all types of cargo shipment – from air & railway all the way to trucking & ocean freight.


With our trucks ranging from regular heavy-duty ones to specialized, with special conditions for special freight, we can deliver it all!

When we’re taking a new transportation order, we always make sure to provide both first-class servicing, clean equipment, professional lorry drivers and a professional back-office and sales personnel!


Each single member of our trucking company’s team is a seasoned truckie, with tens of thousands of miles traveled while delivering your goods.

With our trucks fleet consisting of a few dozens of regular trucks, heavy duty trucks, controlled-temperature and refrigerator-equipped trucks, we’re the ultimate trucking transportation provider in the country!


We do recognize how important the delivery schedule is, so we never lose time idly and 99% of the time we arrive AHEAD of the schedule.

With all of trucks enhanced by a state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading technology from OrbComm©, we are able to track, monitor and control all electronic components of a refrigerated trailer in real-time.